Beauty Review: Lancôme Advanced Genifique

So I have been searching for a new foundation for a while. I’ve tried a litany of brands and formulas which we will chat about one day soon.  In my quest I got a recommendation from my friend at the Chanel counter and she said – try Lancôme.  So I did.  While I was getting help with matching to the correct color, the beauty advisor gave me a sample of the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum.  She told me that she used it for 5 days and it totally got rid of the texture she had on her skin (which of course was flawless and makes you go “really?  YOU had texture?!?”)

Well guess what?  It worked on my texture as well!  And it was an immediate improvement.

This serum claims to renew your youthful appearance in 7 days by improving radiance and smoothness.  Not only that but it also says it addresses all of the following:  elasticity, resiliency, texture, clarity, skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, sagginess and firmness. I have definitely noticed an improvement in most of these areas.  My skin just feels good again.

It is applied after you wash (and tone if you like) your skin.  The packaging is really well done.  Not only is it very pretty and stylish – like enough to leave out on your vanity as décor – but it is super functional.  It comes in a black to white ombre effect glass container with a dropper.


When you unscrew the top the button for the dropper’s plunger releases.  You depress that button and the perfect amount of product is drawn into the dropper.  Dispense this onto clean hands and rub them together to apply to your face and décolleté (avoiding the eye area).  It glides over your skin nicely and sinks in well.  It dries pretty quickly and you can follow up with the rest of your regime.  And when you close the bottle the button on the plunger sinks back down and gives a ridiculously satisfying click when it is closed properly.

It didn’t take long to decide I needed more than the sample I had been given.  I happened to find a discovery set at Sephora which includes a 1 oz. bottle of the serum, a 0.27 oz. sample of the Genifique eye cream and a travel size (AKA sample size) all together for $78.  For perspective, the 1 oz. bottle is also priced at $78 – so it was a good deal.  (And of course I have since ordered the eye cream because I am really loving that too!)


I don’t know if this serum works on all 10 signs of aging, but I do know that my skin feels so much different, my texture is minimal to completely gone and my esthetician of four years noticed a difference after just a week of usage. So I’m sold.  Oh and it’s patented until 2029 so you might not want to wait around for a dupe.

Genifique Info

Sephora link to discovery set (not sponsored)

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