Prana Julie

So by now you know a few things about me…

I have loved interior design my whole life (see the mention of waiting for the Sears catalog so I could dream about all the furniture vignettes). I don’t really like clutter (again with the Sears catalog inspiration and ultimately my girl crush on Marie Kondo). I worked for a caterer in high school and have always loved food and presentation. I started a business educating people about how to be “intentionally green.” I love the concept of prana and how there is an energy and life force around us that can enhance (or distract) from our wellbeing. And as you can see from the beginning categories of this blog, I like beauty, food, Ayurveda and my home.

How did I get to be such a mish-mosh? Well this should clear it up…..ready?

My education consists of (not in chronological order):
• 1 year of interior design school in New York
• Certification as a Travel Agent
• Certification as an Ayurvedic practitioner
• Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida
• AA degree from my local community college
• Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
• Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in Global Management
• Series 7 license (expired)

My work experience goes like this (not all inclusive):
• Catering staff person
• Retail (jewelry, clothing and furniture – all at different times in my life)
• Internet startup
• Electronic component sales
• Compliance officer on Wall Street
• Lead development manager for a company that makes bullet-resistant glass and armor
• Massage therapist
• Account manager for a contract electronic contract manufacturer

Yeah – that didn’t help at all did it?

Maybe someday I’ll write a little mini auto-biography and try to connect the dots a bit more clearly. But for now, just know that I am a student of life. I find things that interest me and I get absorbed in them (ok, ok….obsessed). I study them. I practice them. I learn even more. And all the while, I share my obsession passion with those around me.

When I was doing the KonMari method, I enthusiastically shared (read: made my co-workers crazy) the things I was learning and doing in my home. So much so that I came in one day and I had a gift from a friend on my desk. It is a plaque that simply says “JOY”. It hangs proudly by my office door and is a wonderful reminder every day of the lessons I learned from this book.



So instead of making just my co-workers and family crazy with my enthusiasm for various things I stumble upon – I’ve decided to dedicate my blog to sharing all these things with you!

I hope you will enjoy the various topics of conversation. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you and what some of your obsessions passions are as well.

So now that you know more about me, tell me something about yourself!

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