Home Keeping

So let me tell you a story…..when I was a child I used to LOVE getting the Sears catalog.

Not the toy catalog – the actual catalog.


I would go through this book of wonder and dream all kinds of dreams. But the biggest dreams came from the home section. I “designed” my bedroom over and over again…..of course using EXACTLY what they showed on the page! I spent hours dreaming about how I wanted my life to look.



Fast forward to high school and the dreaming continued. I worked for a caterer and we hosted many real estate open houses in model homes. Those homes were always fully staged (before that was even a thing) and I would wander around the rooms admiring what they had done and redesigning what I didn’t like. I loved being in those homes.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why those pictures and homes appealed to me so much. The conclusion that I came to was that they were uncluttered and clean. Those concepts still appeal to me and I strive for them in my work and home life.

As with everything, I try to strike a happy balance and make a conscious effort not to get too obsessive with the whole home keeping movement.  But I’ll be honest, Martha Stewart has been my domestic girl crush for as long as I can remember.


And now with so many influencers on YouTube it is a struggle to stay in the “moderate zone” when it comes to taking care of my home. I LONG to be as organized as the gurus and have floors as spotless as some of these videos – I really really do.  But, I have to find the balance.  I am my own sole-supporter so I work full time and sometimes those weeks are challenging and I am much more forgiving of some dog hair on the floor than I am at other times.

So while I will often post tips and inspiration to keep our homes nicer, take them for what they are – inspirations.  And please let me know how you approach home keeping.


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