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The Go-Getter Line

If you have not heard of Head Kandy ( then you should totally check them out. They are a small, woman-owned business run by Kayla McNeill. Her Facebook lives are absolutely fantastic and you will feel like you can conquer any hair issue or style when she’s done. (Alas, I cannot but boy is she inspiring!) #notsponsored

At the beginning of the year Kayla expanded her hair care and hair tools offering by introducing skincare to the Head Kandy lineup. As soon as I could justify it, I ordered the whole line to check it out. The products are very affordable – a touch over drug-store and well under the premium brands. My set included a blueberry facial scrub, a watermelon serum, a citrus day moisturizer, a banana undereye cream and an overnight avocado sleeping mask. There has since been a toner added that I have not tried.

Go Getter Skincare from Head Kandy
The full line of skincare from Head Kandy

I just repurchased the Blueberry facial cleanser and the Watermelon Radiance serum because I use those the most. I use the facial cleanser everyday even though it says to use it a couple of times per week. I have had no issues on my sensitive skin. And I use the serum on my face and décolleté. The key with the serum is to just use one pump and spread it out well over the area. I use the tiniest amount of the Citrus Day Cream as well. I find too much makes me get oily rather than “glowy”. The eye cream is very nice and brightening, especially for the price. I’ve recently started layering it over a Vitamin E stick I’m testing to see how I like the combo. A girl’s not getting any younger so we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do right?

So how do they compare to the more pricey skin care items I’ve used? Well….considering I’ve repurchased two staple items, I’d say that I like them. I feel that the effects are long lasting so it feels like they are doing their respective jobs. This is my skin after a long day and it still feels soft and supple and has a nice glow.

I feel that for the price you can’t go wrong with the line. The benefits are noticeable. I can’t wait to see what else is added. Lip scrub/lip balm anyone? 🙂

If you try it, let me know what you think.


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